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TFG is one of the growing sports management companies. TFG’s history began in Cyprus but is based in Hungary. Today, TFG has buildt a branch in the USA too. TFG provides professional career assistance to our client's. Whether professional player, youth player or employee: We consistently make every effort to become one of the best.

Player traffic

Player traffic

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Player transfer


  • Sindou Dosso (Elefántcsontpart)

    Sindou Dosso (Elefántcsontpart)
  • Kovács Zoltán

    Kovács Zoltán
  • Luis Arcangel Ramos (Honduras)

    Luis Arcangel Ramos (Honduras)
  • "Andresinho" (brazil)

    "Andresinho" (brazil)
  • Andre Alves (brazil)

    Andre Alves (brazil)
  • Bőle Lukács

    Bőle Lukács
  • Cseke Benjamin

    Cseke Benjamin
  • Dos Reis Teixeira Alex (magyar)

    Dos Reis Teixeira Alex (magyar)
  • Böjte Patrik

    Böjte Patrik
  • Köles János (szlovák)

    Köles János (szlovák)
  • Hanzl Máté

    Hanzl Máté
  • Graszl Károly

    Graszl Károly
  • Sowunmi Thomas

    Sowunmi Thomas
  • Urlich Kapolongo (Congo)

    Urlich Kapolongo (Congo)
  • Yannick Mbengono (Cameroon)

    Yannick Mbengono (Cameroon)
  • Yves Mboussi (Cameroon)

    Yves Mboussi (Cameroon)
  • Tamás Grúz

    Tamás Grúz
  • Diaz Edgardo (Argentina)

    Diaz Edgardo (Argentina)
  • Leandro de Almeida (Brasil/Hungary)

    Leandro de Almeida (Brasil/Hungary)
  • Gróf Dávid

    Gróf Dávid
  • Thiam Khaly Iyane

    Thiam Khaly Iyane
  • Balázs Benjámin

    Balázs Benjámin
  • Francis Litsingi (Kongó)

    Francis Litsingi (Kongó)
  • NIVALDO Alves Freitas Santos

    NIVALDO Alves Freitas Santos
  • Kehinde Fatai (Nigeria)

    Kehinde Fatai (Nigeria)
  • Konstantinos OIKONOMOU

    Konstantinos OIKONOMOU


Makedonas Panicos

Kinyra street no 3.

Megaro Gloria office no 3.

8221 Paphos-Cyprus

Telefon: +36307303182, +3579947145
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Tel:+1-646/338 43 65